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Smith & Nephew 66060155 Flamazine Topical Antibacterial Cream, 500g Jar

Box of 1

  • $169.99 CAD

Silver sulfadiazine is a light-stable white powder, very slightly soluble in water and most organic solvents, but readily soluble in nitric acid and concentrated ammonia solutions. FLAMAZINE cream is a white cream containing 1% w/w silver sulfadiazine in a water soluble vehicle. The pH of the cream is between 3.5-6.0. FLAMAZINE (silver sulfadiazine cream) is indicated for the treatment of leg ulcers, burns, skin grafts, incisions and other clean lesions, abrasions, minor cuts and wounds. FLAMAZINE cream is especially indicated in the treatment and prophylaxis of infection in serious burn victims. Sulfonamide therapy is known to increase the possibility of kernicterus.

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