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Molnlycke 1702 Barrier Protective Glasses. Spherical Lens. Superior Optics. Brow And Side Shields. Malleable Earpieces. Solid Side Shield.

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  • $12.99 CAD

Barrier Protective Glasses, by Molnlycke, is a lightweight, comfortable option for surgical eyewear. These glasses offer great all-angles protection and will help complete almost any surgical protective suit for environments were airborn contaminants may pose a risk. These protective glasses are designed to offer protection from the front and sides of the eye. They still allow for adequate peripheral vision without distortion. This is especially useful protecting the wearer against splash contamination, surgical operations where there may be a lot of fluid present. They cover sides, eyes and brow region. The Barrier Glasses are on size and will fit most. They are designed also to fit over regular eyeglasses. The glasses are ideal for healthcare or laboratory situations. Features: The glasses provide side and brow coverage. They are a one-size-fits-most and will cover regular eyeglasses. They are comfortable and lightweight. The peripheral vision is undistorted.

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