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Tena 62900 Belted Undergarment, One Size Fits All, White

Box of 120

  • $98.99 CAD

Lightweight and not confining, Tena Belted Undergarments are comfortable and secure. Tena adult briefs and pads feature a multi-layer core to lock in moisture and odor so you can fearlessly go about your daily life. The elastic, reusable belt is durable enough to be used over and over again. This belt is even machine washable. The soft top layer sheet not only provides a comfortable fit, but also wicks moisture away from then into the absorbent core. A core of super absorbent microbeads trap liquid away from the skin. Keeping the skin dry is critical in keeping skin healthy and preventing chafing. Don't let incontinence or bladder control issues prevent you from living your life to the fullest. Features and Benefits: Flexible and Snug Belt. InstaDri Skin-Caring System Protects Skin from Rashes and Chafing. Dry-Fast Dual Core Technology Locks Moisture Deep Inside and Away from Your Skin. Belt is Easy to Refasten, Reuse and Machine Washable for Lasting Use. Pad Traps and Reduces Odor. One Size Fits All. Waterproof Barrier Prevents Leaks. Soft Back Sheet Reduces Noise from Motion. Lightweight, Non-Confining Undergarment.

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