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Acelity (Systagenix) AWD404 Nu-Derm Alginate Wound Dressing 10cm x 10cm (4" x 4")

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  • $73.99 CAD

Designed for High Absorption & Intact Removal. NU-DERM Alginate Dressing is a traditional non adherent primary dressing. Designed with fast gelling capabilities, it enables intact removal while providing high absorbency. This soft non-woven alginate dressing absorbs excess fluid, and protects and covers the wound bed, helping to create a moist environment for chronic and superficial wounds with its fast gelling fiber. The dressing does not dissolve, facilitating intact removal. NU-DERM Alginate Wound Dressing was developed to manage moderate to heavily exuding chronic wounds and control minor bleeding in superficial acute wounds. Highly absorbent. Helps maintain a moist wound healing environment. Facilitates intact removal. Minimizes the need for wound irrigation at dressing change, freeing up time.

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