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Owl Medical Supplies stocks all the popular urinary products on the market. We offer urinary supplies that help directly void urine when conditions like surgery prevent regular urination. Urinary catheters is a common group of urinary supplies that Owl Medical Supplies provides, which includes both internal or external catheter use. And with those catheters are the urinary accessories that are commonly used in conjunction with inserting catheters and preventing infection. Examples are personal lubricants, to ease catheter insertion, urinary leg bags, for urine storage while on the go, or any number of catheter straps to make daily living with a catheter more easy. Owl Medical Supplies has nearly all the major medical branded urinary supplies with unique features that make life for those with urinary needs a little easier.

If you don't see a urinary product that you are looking for on our site, give us a call and it would be our pleasure to try to locate it for you.