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Coloplast Peristeen Irrigation System

How to Perform Rectal Irrigation Using Coloplast 29121?

Posted by Eyal Fatran on

How to Perform Rectal Irrigation Using Coloplast 29121?

Coloplast 29121 is ideal for rectal irrigation procedures for patients suffering from severe constipation and erratic bowel movements. The irrigation system will significantly reduce anal leakage and involuntary bowel movements. Here is how to do it at home over a toilet: How to use Coloplast 29121? Fill the water reservoir of the Coloplast 29121. Use room temperature water to fill the water bag all the way, even if the entire volume will not be consumed. Measuring the water temperature is not required. It is time to assemble the Coloplast 29121. Connect the panel with the irrigation bag, control unit, and...

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