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How to Perform Rectal Irrigation Using Coloplast 29121?

Posted by Eyal Fatran on

Coloplast 29121 is ideal for rectal irrigation procedures for patients suffering from severe constipation and erratic bowel movements. The irrigation system will significantly reduce anal leakage and involuntary bowel movements.

Here is how to do it at home over a toilet:

How to use Coloplast 29121?

  • Fill the water reservoir of the Coloplast 29121. Use room temperature water to fill the water bag all the way, even if the entire volume will not be consumed. Measuring the water temperature is not required.
  • It is time to assemble the Coloplast 29121. Connect the panel with the irrigation bag, control unit, and the catheter. The sequence goes blue to blue and gray to gray.
  • Strap on the equipment to the leg if necessary.
  • Remove the rectal catheter from the packaging and stick it to a vertical surface.
  • Operate the control dial, so the water symbol matches the dial.
  • Pump two to three times. It will help the water prepare to activate the lubrication present in the catheter.
  • Now rotate the panel so the balloon option is active. Do not start pumping yet.
  • Head to the toilet if not already there.
  • Guide the catheter to the anus using fingertips. Insert it gently.
  • If you encounter trouble, it is probably because the bowels are not empty. Wait for the stool to pass and try again gently.
  • When the catheter is in successfully, begin inflating the balloon. Be sure to ask the medical professional how many times to inflate the balloon.
  • No need to hold the catheter once the balloon has inflated.
  • Turn the dial to the water and begin pumping water to the rectum. One pump lasts two seconds, so the discomfort is manageable. You may need to pump slowly if your rectum or prostate has suffered from infections or injuries previously.
  • Continue pumping using Coloplast 29121 as advised by the medical professional. The pumping process takes 10 to 15 minutes.
  • Turn the dial to the symbol that mimics straight airwaves. The setting will deflate the balloon. Assuming the catheter does not drop, gently pull it out.
  • Immediately dispose of the unhygienic catheter wrapped in its original packaging.
  • You will notice water and stool begin leaving the rectum immediately. Do not strain the anus or the rectum. You may massage the abdomen or push slightly. It can take at least 10 minutes for the bowels to empty completely.
  • Once you “feel” it is safe to lose the toilet, wipe and clean the anal region.
  • Dunk the remaining water in the bag and the rectal tubes.
  • Turn the dial to the final position.
  • You may store the Coloplast 29121 in a dry place.

Why use Coloplast 29121?

  • The manufacturer offers a secure payment portal.
  • The manufacturer offers round-the-clock product support and customer service.
  • The user can return the irrigation system within 30 days from the purchase date.
  • The irrigation has been credited by pharmacies as reliable and helpful.

Frequently Asked Questions


1. How often to perform rectal irrigation?

You may want to irrigate after one to two days. However, the correct time and schedule will come with time.

2. What time is best for rectal irrigation?

The best time to irrigate is 30 minutes before the meal in the morning and evening.

3. Is Coloplast 29121 travel-friendly?

The irrigation system is safe to travel with. However, the outcome may vary because of changes in water and diet.

Immediately contact a health professional

If you experience pain and bleeding during the rectal irrigation, immediately call your doctor. Constantly bleeding may be a worry. However, cramps can be avoided with a gentle pumping motion. You may experience a mild discomfort and unwell feeling if rectal irrigation is not a routine procedure.

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