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Sigvaris 362CXLM99 Cushioned Mens Calf High Compression Stocking, Size Extra-Large Long, 20 - 30mmhg, Black (1 Pair Per Box)

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  • $134.99 CAD

Sigvaris 362C Series: 20-30 mmHg Cushioned Cotton; Casual and Comfortable Leg Therapy Knee High Compression Socks for Men. Soft, Protective Sole. Soft, cushioned sole, heel, and toe - protects feet and helps absorb impact from walking or running. Designed with 64% Supima Cotton for comfort and durability. Supima Cotton is 100% American grown pima cotton, known for its fineness, which helps to create softer, more luxurious fabrics. Ideal for those with sensitive skin and wearable in all climates. Latex Free. Additional Support Sock Comfort Features Improved product design for easier donning, Flat, low-friction toe seams, Soft, knit-in top band with high stretchability to reduce the feeling of 'pinching'. Fiber content: All styles: 64% Supima Cotton / 28% Nylon / 8% Spandex. Recommendations: Provide relief from tired, heavy, aching legs during long hours of standing or walking, Can be worn with work shoes and boots, sports shoes, and athletic footwear, Varicose veins, Swelling, Sensitive skin.

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