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Tena 74500 Dry Wipes 33 x 33.7cm (13 x 13.25") - Owl Medical Supplies

Tena 74500 Dry Wipes 33 x 33.7cm (13 x 13.25")

Box of 50

  • $33.99 CAD

Very soft and very strong wipes designed to quickly and gently cleanse the skin. These multi-purpose dry disposable washcloths are ideal for perineal care, but are also suitable for the whole body. They can be used with TENA Skin-Caring Wash Cream for perineal care, or used with TENA Bodywash and Shampoo for all-over cleaning. MULTI-PURPOSE & DISPOSABLE DRY WASHCLOTHS. ALTERNATIVE TO TEXTILE WASHCLOTHS for hygiene or personal care. GREAT FOR UTILITY CARTS and CLEAN UP TASKS.

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