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3M 1583Y Coban Self-Adherent Wrap Yellow 3" x 5 Yards - Owl Medical Supplies

3M 1583Y Coban Self-Adherent Wrap Yellow 3" x 5 Yards

Box of 24

  • $145.99 CAD

Coban is a self-adherent wrap made of a porous, non-woven polyester material. Elastic fibers are placed lengthwise in the Coban tape to provide elasticity. Coban by 3M sticks to itself, but not other materials, like skin or hair. Coban is used primarily in the treatment of venous leg ulcers, but can be used in other treatments as well. Coban provides 23mmHg pressure at the ankle. No pins or tape is required to keep the Coban in place, and it does not loosen after application, making Coban ideal for reliable, consistent compression. Caution: This Product Contains Natural Rubber Latex Which May Cause Allergic Reactions For Those Who Are Sensitive. For those who are sensitive to rubber products try our Latex Free Coflex. Coban Wrap adheres to itself and therefore requires no adhesive, clips or fasteners like most wrappings. Coban wrapping tape is light weight and provides non slip support. This medical wrapping tape is a latex-free wrap that comfortably adapts to the contours or the body, providing protection and absorbing shock during athletic activities. Coban Self-Adherent Elastic Wrap functions like a tape, but sticks only to itself. Available in a variety of widths to meet your application needs. It's a laminate of non-woven material and elastic fibers to provide elasticity. This elastic wrap contains a cohesive material that makes it stick to itself but not to other materials or skin. Coban Wrapping Tape Applications: Coban Wrap has both many medical and athletic applications. Coban can be used as a compression bandage to reduce or stop bleeding while promoting circulation and healing. It can reduce bruising and help control swelling. Sports enthusiast use Coban as a support wrap for the foot, ankle, leg, knee, shin or other parts of the body. Hospital and clinical applications include holding IVs in place, affixing monitors, vascular post-operative wrap, support wrap, bandage, edema control, leg ulcer wrap and finger immobilization. Coban tape is often used as an over wrap in conjunction with the Unna Boot. Coban Medical Tape Features & Benefits: Non-sticking bandage wrap. Self-adhesive tape with no clips or fasteners. Light pressure bandage. Non-irritating wrap. Light weight porous wrapping that is breathable. Adaptable to body contours. Absorbs shock during strenuous sports activities. High tensile strength. Self-adhering wrapping tape. Sticks to itself without need for adhesive, pins or clips for fast and easy application. Wrap will not slip so no need for frequent readjustment. Comfortable for patients and atheletes. Lightweight and porous compression wrap. Protects primary dressings. Light compression bandage. Wrapping splints and arm boards. Compression dressing. Over wrap for Unna boot. Holding wound dressings.
Securing I.V.s and other devices. Sterile drape stabilization. Leg Wrap - post-operatively.

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