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3M 2094 Coban 2 Layer Compression System

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  • $38.99 CAD

The Coban 2 Layer Compression System, by 3M, is a layer wrap system that will help reduce leg swelling and heal venous ulcers . The system includes two separate wrap types, one to provide a buffer of comfort, the other to stretch and deliver even pressure around the extremity. The original Coban 2 Layer Compression System involves the comfort layer being applied to the patient's leg and foot. With the white side down, the comfort layer is simply wrapped across the contours of the foot and up the ankle and leg. Afterward the compression layer is applied, and depending on the stretch, a specific compression will occur across the foot and leg. The compression layer is rolled over the comfort layer starting at the base of the toe and figure 8 wrapped across the ankle and foot and on up the leg in a spiral pattern. Both wraps are cohesive and will stick together. They can simply be cut off and pressed together. A thin, stretchable, nylon stocking is recommended to go over the wrap and will have no problem sticking to the wrap and staying in place. The Coban 2 Layer Compression System is ideal for most venous leg ulcers, lymphedema, and other conditions where compression bandage therapy is appropriate.

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