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3M 1228 Comply Hydrogen Peroxide Indicator Tape 50 Linear Yards

Box of 1

  • $26.99 CAD

3M Comply Hydrogen Peroxide Indicator Tape 1228 is an exposure monitor that securely seals packs for sterilization. Use the Comply Hydrogen Peroxide Indicator Tape 1228 to secure packs and as an external pack process indicator to differentiate between processed and unprocessed items. Chemical indicator stripes change from blue to pink when exposed to vaporized hydrogen peroxide. Non cellulosic plastic backing material with a pressure sensitive adhesive on one side and chemical indicator stripes on the other side. For use in STERRAD 100 System, STERRAD 100S System, STERRAD NX System (Standard and Advanced cycles) and STERRAD 100NX System (Standard, Flex, Express and Duo cycles) vaporized hydrogen peroxide sterilizers. Consistent blue-to-pink color change for all 3M chemical indicators for vaporized hydrogen peroxide. Trusted, high quality adhesive. Indicator ink does not contain lead.

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