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3M 85004B Scotchcast Poly Plus Casting Tape 10.1cm x 3.6m Blue

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  • $28.99 CAD

This polyester casting tape has a knitted polyester backing which provides a safe, comfortable cast which is 100% X-ray translucent. 3M Scotchcast Poly Casting Tape has a 'low memory-stretch' characteristic due to its micro-creped backing. This enables it to conform well to body contours during application whilst minimising the risk of constriction. It is easy to use and has excellent moulding characteristics. Benefits: Water-activated resin lets you control working time according to application needs. High and early strength allows for weight bearing in 20 minutes and provides a durable cast with less chance of breakdown and the need for costly repairs or replacements. Lightweight for easy mobility. Stretches to conform well to contours for a more comfortable, better fitting cast. Porous weave allows the skin to breathe.

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