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3M 1000NSR Steri-Drape Roll Prep Drape Clear 11"

3M 1000NSR Steri-Drape Roll Prep Drape Clear 11" x 25 Yards (This Product Is Final Sale And Is Not Returnable)

Box of 8

  • $1,006.99 CAD

3M Steri-Drape Roll Prep Drape delivers the drape in a continuous roll form and mounts in an easy, pull-and-cut dispensing unit. Allows the user to customize the length of the drape for non-sterile applications. Versatile non-sterile draping material can be used for a variety of non-sterile applications on patients, equipment and supplies. Continuous roll design allows the user to customize the size of the drape for the application. No cutting of prepackaged drapes saves time and reduces waste. Can be used to protect equipment; decreasing staff cleanup time. No individual packages or liners to dispose of resulting in cost savings and less waste. Non-sterile. Roll Prep Drape with Dispenser, non-sterile. 8-25 yd rolls/case and 1 dispenser/case. Suggested Applications: Can be used anywhere a sterile drape is NOT needed. Isolating hair and face. Covering electrocautery pad and cautery foot pedals. Covering patient along sides to prevent pooling of prep solution. Isolating body parts: stomas, perineal area, rectal area, axilla, feet, hair, mouth, ear. Isolating equipment: blood pressure cuff, tourniquet, footplates, EKG pads, arterial lines, I.V.s, swans, foam donuts, positioning wedges, neuro equipment. Covering hard-to-clean items. Pre-Prepping Uses: helping protect surfaces from spills, covering eyes, isolating extremities, isolating table from prep runoff, helping prevent prep solution from pooling under patient. OR Manager. ASC.

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