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3M 1191 Steri-Drape Femoral Angiography Drape 228cm x 330cm (This Product Is Final Sale And Is Not Returnable)

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  • $1,149.99 CAD

Resistant to Strikethrough. Reliable, secure adhesive. 90 inch x 130 inch (229cm x 332cm) Femoral Angiography Drape, absorbent prevention fabric, extra absorbent area, 2 adhesive patches with oval apertures, transparent side and end panels, adhesive size 4-3/8 in x 5-1/2 in aperture 2-7/8 in x 4 in. Femoral Angiography Drape: Overall Size 228cm x 330cm, Oval Aperture Split 6cm x 9cm, Highly absorbent area, 91.4cm x 122cm , 2 adhesive patches: 11.5cm x 14cm, Transparent Side and End panels. Suggested Applications: Femoral Angiography and Angioplasty Procedures. Pacemaker Insertions and Repairs. Brachial and Radial Artery Access. Brachial and Radial Artery Harvesting. Central and PICC Line Insertions.

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