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3M 1194 Steri-Drape Arthroscopy Sheet With Pouch 226cm x 320cm (This Product Is Final Sale And Is Not Returnable)

Box of 5

  • $471.99 CAD

3MSteri-DrapeArthroscopy Drapes offer you the choice of two unique fluid collection pouches. The 1194 has a wide, rectangular fluid collection pouch that adapts to a bended or extended leg and allows full manipulation of the knee during surgery. The 1094, also available, is designed for one piece draping with bended leg. Two elastomeric apertures isolate the operative site at the knee and the ankle. Low profile roomy pouch stays out of the surgeon?s way. Dual exit ports on both sides of rectangular pouch provide better fluid control. Malleable metal wire keeps the pouch open for optimal fluid collection. Arthroscopy sheet with fluid collection pouch, absorbent prevention fabric, 2 exit ports, tube and cord organizer.

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