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3M 6617 Steri-Drape Isolation Drape With Ioban Incise Film And Pouch 320cm x 213cm (This Product Is Final Sale And Is Not Returnable)

Box of 5

  • $384.99 CAD

These drapes provide a transparent vertical isolation barrier. The C-arm is isolated from the surgical field. An additional benefit is the 3M Ioban 2 Antimicrobial Film incise area. Product Benefits: 3M Ioban film incise area ensures superb adhesion and prevents bacterial migration right up to the wound edge. Dual organisers and instrument pouches are pre-attached allowing for convenient arrangement of instruments and tubing. Fluid collection pouch provides effective fluid control. The large size plastic film effectively isolates the patient and the C-arm image intensifier during the surgical procedure. Suitable for inter trochanteric fractures where C-arm and extension table are used.

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