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3M 90220 Tegaderm High Gelling Alginate Dressing 12" Rope (30.4cm) - Owl Medical Supplies

3M 90220 Tegaderm High Gelling Alginate Dressing 12" Rope (30.4cm)

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  • $97.99 CAD

Tegaderm Alginate Dressings by 3M are sterile, highly conformable and absorbent primary Wound Care Dressings. Tegaderm Alginate Dressing is for use on moderately to heavily exudating wounds. Tegaderm Alginate Dressings are available in two sizes and in two dressing options: Tegaderm HIGH INTEGRITY Alginate Dressing is designed to maintain high integrity of the saturated dressing. Tegaderm High Integrity Alginate Dressing is easily removed from most wounds in one piece with minimal gel residue. Tegaderm HIGH GELLING Alginate Dressing becomes an amorphous gel-like mass when saturated. The saturated dressing may be gently irrigated from the wound bed at dressing change. Tegaderm Alginate Dressings Features & Benefits: Form a gel-like consistency as they absorb exudate to provide a moist healing environment.Highly absorbent dressings absorbing 20 times their own weight. Two Alginate options to meet wound needs. HIGH INTEGRITY Alginate Dressings retain their integrity when saturated for quick and easy removal. Tegaderm High Gelling Alginate Dressing completely gels with saturation for easy removal from fragile tissue by gentle irrigation. Available in various sizes to meet patient wound needs.

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