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3M 90501 Tegaderm Ag Mesh Dressing With Silver 4" x 5" - Owl Medical Supplies

3M 90501 Tegaderm Ag Mesh Dressing With Silver 4" x 5"

Box of 5

  • $97.99 CAD

3M Tegaderm Ag Mesh Dressing with Silver provides a versatile, easy to use, antimicrobial barrier in an affordable silver dressing. Available in 5 sizes the Tegaderm Silver Dressing is a soft, absorbent, sterile dressing that may be cut to fit a custom size. The porous, non-occlusive dressing conforms to the wound base and effectively wicks drainage into the dressing where the silver ions are available to reduce the number of bacteria and yeast. The silver sulfate, released as silver ions in the dressing, creates an effective antimicrobial barrier for up to 7 days. It is ideal for use in wound clinics, hospitals, home care and long term care. New Tegaderm Ag Mesh Dressing with Silver provides an effective antimicrobial barrier in an easy-to-use, affordable dressing: Effective: ionic silver barrier against a wide range of microbes, including antibioticresistant bacteria such as MRSA, VRE, yeast and fungi. Fast-Acting: releases silver ions to form a antimicrobial barrier within minutes. Long-Lasting: long-term 7-day antimicrobial barrier. Versatile: may be used as a primary dressing or with absorbent wound fillers. Safe: can use with sterile saline, no to minimal skin or wound staining, and non-irritating. Easy to Use: porous, gauze-like material, conformable, can be cut, folded or fluffed, can be moistened with sterile normal saline, sterile water or liquid hydrogel or wound exudate.

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