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3M 90615 Tegaderm High Performance Adhesive Foam Dressing 2-3/4" x 2-3/4" - Owl Medical Supplies

3M 90615 Tegaderm High Performance Adhesive Foam Dressing 2-3/4" x 2-3/4"

Box of 10

  • $88.99 CAD

Tegaderm Foam Adhesive Dressing by 3M provides wound protection for up to seven days. Tegaderm offers the advantage of an undisturbed wound for longer periods of time, reducing disruption to patients? daily lives. Designed for low- to high-exuding wounds with superior fluid handling the 3M Tegaderm Foam Adhesive Dressing reduces the risk of desiccation and maceration. Tegaderm Foam Adhesive Dressing provides a watertight seal against liquid, bacterial and viral agents. Tegaderm Foam Adhesive Dressing has longer wear times. Tegaderm Dressings have a patented spoke delivery system for easy, one-handed application. Tegaderm Foam Adhesive Dressings are ideal for pressure, arterial, neuropathic (diabetic) and venous leg ulcers, including use under compression wraps. Tegaderm Foam Adhesive Dressings are also excellent wound dressings for difficult body contours like the heel, elbow; skin tears, abrasions, skin grafts and donor sites. Tegaderm Foam Adhesive Dressing Features & Benefits: Enables ease of movement in clothing and bedding. Watertight seal allows regular showering. Non-adherent Dressing allows gentle removal to help decrease the chance of trauma. Longer wear times may reduce disruption to patients? lives. Reduces the risk of discomfort due to desiccation or maceration. High fluid handling capacity.

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