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3M 1527-2 Transpore Surgical Tape 2" x 10 Yards - Owl Medical Supplies

3M 1527-2 Transpore Surgical Tape 2" x 10 Yards

Box of 6

  • $48.99 CAD

3M Transpore Tape is a hypoallergenic tape used in wound care. It is a transparent and perforated plastic tape that offers strong adhesion. This tape can be easily torn into very thin strips. It offers a bi-directional tear that makes it easy to use even when wearing gloves. The tape also sticks well to itself. This conformable general purpose tape is transparent to allow monitoring of skin conditions. It is porous and breathable to maintain skin integrity. Transpore hypoallergenic tape offers good adhesion to the skin for secure placement and holds well on damp or dry skin. Use of the tape minimizes trauma to the skin. This tape allows the clinician to tailor the tape for various dressings and devices. Transpore Tape by 3M is hypoallergenic and latex free. It is clear, water-resistant, and non-sterile. 3M Transpore tape is packaged for convenience in either singles or boxes. 3M TRANSPORE TAPE FEATURES AND BENEFITS: Hypoallergenic Tape Used in Wound Care. Transparent and Perforated Plastic. Offers Strong Adhesion. Easily Tears Into Very Thin Strips. Bi-Directional Tear. Easy to Use, Even When Wearing. Gloves. Sticks Well to Itself. Conformable. Transparent to Allow Monitoring of Skin Conditions. Porous and Breathable to Maintain Skin Integrity. Offers Good Adhesion to the Skin For Secure Placement. Holds Well on Damp or Dry Skin. Minimizes Trauma to the Skin. Allows Clinician to Tailor For Various Dressings and Devices.

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