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Acelity (Systagenix) 2982 Fibracol Plus Collagen Wound Dressing With Alginate 10cm x 11cm

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We Know Pure Collagen, That?s Why We Added Alginat. FIBRACOL Plus Collagen Wound Dressing with Alginate dressing contains more than just pure collagen. It?s a soft, absorbent, and conformable wound dressing, composed of 90% collagen and 10% calcium alginate. Maintains an optimum wound healing environment. Its unique combination of natural biopolymers combines the structural support of collagen and the gel-forming properties of alginates. The result: a sterile, soft, absorbent and conformable topical wound dressing. In the presence of wound fluid, FIBRACOL Plus dressing maintains a physiologically moist microenvironment at the wound surface. This environment supports granulation tissue formation, epithelialization and rapid wound healing. The unique combination of collagen and alginate is designed to address a wide range of indicated wound types and exudate levels. Maintains an optimum wound environment. Clinically proven.

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