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Coloplast 7710 Baza Cleanse & Protect Lotion 4g Packets - Owl Medical Supplies

Coloplast 7710 Baza Cleanse & Protect Lotion 4g Packets

Box of 300

  • $185.99 CAD

Baza Lotion Spray is a 3-in-1 skin care product for the perineal area that saves you money and time. It combines cleaning, moisturizing and protecting actions all in one product. This Skin Care Lotion features a no-rinse formula. That means that, in addition to having three actions in one, applying Baza Lotion is a one-step process. Just spray it on, and you're done. Because Baza Perineal Lotion is pH balanced, its cleaning action is gentle on the skin. It contains dimethicone to create a breathable, protective barrier over the skin that prevents further damage from moisture or incontinence. It includes a mild fragrance to help minimize incontinence odor. The spray bottle it comes in adds even more convenience this product by making the application process as easy as possible. Features and Benefits: 3 Actions in one product. No-rinse formula. One-step application. Cleans, moisturizes & protects. Mild and non-irritating. Reduces costs by combining indications. pH balanced. Mild fragrance for odor control.

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