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Coloplast 1772 Bedside-Care Cleanser 250ml - Owl Medical Supplies

Coloplast 1772 Bedside-Care Cleanser 250ml

Box of 12

  • $15.99 CAD

Coloplast Bedside Care Body Wash Shampoo Incontinent Cleanser is an all-body, no-rinse spray cleanser for those who are bed-bound. Provides a gentle, refreshing and thorough cleansing while eliminating body odors. Bedside-Care Body Wash and Shampoo is a no-rinse, all-in-one body wash, shampoo and Incontinence Cleanser. Bedside-Care Body Wash & Shampoo Features: pH-balanced. Deodorizing. Alcohol-free. CHG compatible. No-rinse formula.

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