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Coloplast 9641 Biatain Ag Adhesive Foam Sacral Dressing, Size 9" x 9" (23cm x 23cm)

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Biatain Ag Adhesive Foam Dressing. Biatain Ag Adhesive . superior absorption for wounds at-risk of infection that need extra adhesion. Biatain Ag Adhesive is a soft and conformable polyurethane foam dressing with a patented silver complex and a hydrocolloid adhesive border. Biatain Ag Adhesive can be used for a wide range of exuding wounds with delayed healing due to bacteria, or where there is a risk of infection, including leg ulcers, pressure ulcers, second-degree burns, donor sites, postoperative wounds and skin abrasions. Biatain Ag can be used in combination with compression therapy. Biatain Ag is a soft and conformable silver foam dressing. Unique 3D foam structure for superior absorption. When in contact with exudate the unique 3D foam structure of Biatain structure conforms closely to the wound bed even under compression. Designed for wounds at-risk of infection. The patented silver complex and the sustained silver release ensure a homogenous distribution of silver ions providing a continuous antimicrobial effect. Patented silver complex with broad antimicrobial profile. Independent studies have proven that Biatain Ag is the only wound dressing that is effective on all bacteria commonly found wounds at-risk of infection.123 Clinical studies have shown that infected wounds heal faster with Biatain Ag than with other wounds dressings, including other antimicrobial dressings. Continuous antimicrobial effect during entire wear time. Due to the silver release profile there is a continuous antimicrobial effect during the entire wear time (up to 7 days). Mode of action. In the presence of exudate, silver is continuously released into the wound bed for up to 7 days. Composition. Biatain Ag is a soft and flexible absorbent polyurethane foam that contains a patented silver complex and a hydrocolloid adhesive border.

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