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Coloplast 21346 Moveen Bedside Nightbag, Non-Sterile - Owl Medical Supplies

Coloplast 21346 Moveen Bedside Nightbag, Non-Sterile

Box of 30

  • $337.99 CAD

Conveen Security+ bedside drainage bag. Secure and reliable urinary collection bag with anti-kink tubing to prevent accidental leakage. Large capacity allows the user to feel secure all night for a full night?s sleep. Free of PVC and phthalates. Choice of 2-step outlet or lever tap.2-step outlet tap prevents the risk of urine drips on floor or carpet. Lever tap is easy to operate. 2-litre volume. Anti-kink tube reduces risk of backflow and prevents accidental leakage. Free of PVC and phthalates*. Optional needle free sample port to eliminate the risk of needle stick injury. *Excluding the Conveen Security+ bedside drainage bag, hospital model.

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