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CoughAssist T70 (1098160) by Philips Respironics - Owl Medical Supplies

CoughAssist T70 (1098160) by Philips Respironics

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  • $8,117.99 CAD

Philips RespironicsCoughAssist T70 is a useful and very effective device for treating bronchial secretions. The device is safe and simple to use. The mechanical insufflator-exsufflator clears the secretions caused by bronco-pulmonary defects and reduces the risk of further respiratory complications. It features an adjustable internal inhale-flow restrictor, an optional mobile stand, and a simple breathing circuit.

The ability of coughing is extremely essential to clean up the built-up of bacteria and dirt that sit on the airway linings. The saturation of excess amount of this moisture on the airway linings is harmful if accumulated for a long duration. Coughing is a natural way to clear the mucus from the lungs as well as the airways. The respiratory diseases, however, weaken the muscles of abdomen, rib cage, and neck. This resultantly deteriorates the ability of these organs to spill out secretions and thereby encouraging respiratory infections.

The Philips CoughAssist T70 is a mechanical insufflation-exsufflation device that fosters natural coughing by progressively increasing the air volume delivery to the lungs. The device works by applying a positive pressure to the airways followed by an instant shift to negative pressure. It helps in enhancement of the users’ cough in order to improve the cleaning process of the airways.

  • Features : -
    • User friendly interface with automatic as well as manual modes
    • Cough Track Sensitivity to enhance natural breathing patterns
    • Multiple power options for added convenience (AC, DC, and external lithium ion batteries)
    • Clinical reporting and evaluation using DirectView software
    • Non-invasive therapy air delivery for added comfort and lesser risk
    • Convenient carrying bag
    • Compact, lightweight (less than 9 pounds) and portable
    • Foot pedals and Oximetry accessories
  • Specifications: -
    • Width: 11.5' 
    • Height: 9.1
    • Depth: 7.5' 
    • Operating Temperature: 5 C° to 35° C. 
    • Relative Humidity: 15 to 95% (non-condensing) 
    • Atmospheric pressure: 101 kPa to 77 kPa. 
    • Preset Capability: 3. 
    • Operation Modes: Manual and Auto. 
    • Maximum Positive Pressure: 70 cm H2O 
    • Maximum Negative Pressure: -70 cm H2O 
    • Triggering: Cough-Track on/off. (Not available in Manual Mode) 
    • Inhaling Flow: Low, Medium, High. 
    • Inspiratory Time: 0.0 to 5.0 seconds. (Not available in Manual Mode) 
    • Expiratory Time: 0.0 to 5.0 seconds. (Not available in Manual Mode) 
    • Pause Time: 0.0 to 5.0 seconds. (Not available in Manual Mode or if Cough-Trak is enabled) 
  • Package Contents : -
    • 1 x CoughAssist T70
    • 1 x SD Card
    • 1 x Hose Clip
    • 1 x Air Filter
    • 1 x 6 Foot Patient Circuit
    • 1 x Adult Large Mask
    • 1 x AC Power Cord
    • 1 x Carry Case