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Derma Sciences 84916 Tracheotomy/Drain Sponges Woven Gauze 4" x 4", 6-Ply

Box of 25

  • $12.99 CAD

Tracheotomy/Drain Sponges - Sterile (Comparable to Excilon, Sof-Wick, and Medline?s Woven and Avant Gauze Non-Woven Drain Sponges) An added fenestration makes these sponges ideal for dressing around a tracheostomy tube or any type of tube on the body. Available in a soft 6 ply non-woven or in standard 12 ply gauze. The non-woven sponges provide superior absorption and are low-linting, fast-wicking, and non-adherent to wound beds. The woven sponges are ideal for when natural breathability is desired. Does not contain natural rubber latex.

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