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Drive Medical clbed-sp10x30 Cordless Patient Alarm Pad, 10" x 30" Bed Sensor, Pack of 5

Box of 5

  • $991.99 CAD

Cordless Sensor Alarm Pads offer Caregivers an efficient method of receiving notification when a resident is getting out of a chair or bed. When the Sensor Pad is paired with a Cordless fall prevention alarm monitor, the pad will trigger the alarm when weight is removed from the pressure pad itself. These totally sealed and impervious to fluids weight-sensitive pressure pads are for use with PrimeGuard Cordless Fall Monitor Alarms. No cords; Reduces tripping hazards and eliminates broken or tangled cords|Portable; Can be placed outside residents room or go with resident in wheelchair|Works with Cordless Fall Monitor Model # FGCLM-100G

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