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Drive Medical FLNP600 GRAVIS Floor Lift, Manual Base 600 lbs

Box of 1

  • $3,317.99 CAD

Powerful, user-friendly, and safe, the GRAVIS Floor Patient Lift by Drive Medical is one of the most functional powered patients lifts on the market. With the ability to lift up to 600 pounds, this lift operates using battery power to easily lift even your heavier patients. With an outstanding height range, the lift is able to lift a patient off the floor and transfer them to a wide variety of locations. The six-point cradle is versatile enough to be used with a wide variety of slings and the wider footprint reduces sling squeeze in order to improve patient comfort.

Weight Capacity 600 lbs
Product Weight 156.5 lbs
Front Caster Diameter 3"
Ground Clearance 2.9"
Net Weight 132.2 lbs
Battery Pack Weight 7.9 lbs (5.0A), 4.9 lbs (2.9A)
Warranty on Battery 1 year
Warranty on Electrical Components 5 years


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