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Drive Medical FLP600 GRAVIS Floor Lift, Power Base 600 lbs

Box of 1

  • $4,017.99 CAD

The Gravis Floor Lift is a heavy duty lift by Drive Medical. Featuring a weight capacity of 600 lbs it has an elegant design which gives it a soft look. This lift is able to easily lift resident from the floor. With LCD display it features Smart & Safety technology.

The Gravis has oversized sealed casters in the rear to allow the lift to roll easily and lock safely. A visual battery indicator is featured in the hand control as well as on the lift control module. Maintenance monitoring is available by months of lift cycles. As well the Gravis features a six point cradle to reduce need for sling squeeze situation and allow for a more secure wider foot print for user. 

  • Weight capacity of 600 lbs
  • Base option: Power
  • Elegant, contemporary design with soft lines but still heavy duty
  • Oversized sealed rear casters roll easily and lock securely
  • Easily lifts resident from floor
  • Redundant controls allow for use even if hand control is inoperable
  • Smart & Safety Technology – LCD display
    • Visual battery fuel indicator on Hand Pendant and Lift Control Module
    • Auditable low battery alert fuel indicator
    • Lift safety stop if resident or caregiver accidentally gets in the way of the boom arm
    • Audible Alert if the lift detects weight overload
    • Maintenance monitoring: by months or lift cycles
    • Audible Alert that maintenance is due
  • NEW Six-point cradle with spring clips offer a more secure and wider foot print reducing sling squeeze, shallow height offers greater height range
  • Can be charged on, or off the lift
  • Includes 1 battery and external charger stand
Battery Pack Weight 7.9 lbs (5.0A), 4.9 lbs (2.9A)
Boom Height 33" - 76"
Front Caster Diameter 3''
Gross Weight 156.5 lbs
Ground Clearance 2.9''
Net Weight 132.2 lbs
Warranty on Battery 1 yr
Warranty on Electronics 5 yr

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