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Eakin 839002 Cohesive Seal, Skin Barrier Ring, Small - 50mm (2")

Box of 20

  • $163.99 CAD

Cohesive Seals & Skin Barriers. The most common problems facing ostomates are leakage and skin irritation. Leakage can occur when output is particularly watery, when there are dips and crevices around the stoma or from using a poorly fitted appliance. Such leakage can then cause irritation to the surrounding skin, making it red and sore. Eakin Cohesive Seals can help solve these common problems! The Cohesive Seal is soft and mouldable and fits snugly around the base of your stoma to provide a leak proof seal and help prevent effluent from coming in contact with the skin, hence preventing any potential skin problems. The Eakin Cohesive formulation has been successfully protecting skin for 30 years and offers numerous benefits.

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