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Genairex 7404134 Securi-T 2-Piece Cut-To-Fit Standard Wear Solid Hydrocolloid Skin Barrier Without Collar 4" x 4" 1-3/4" Flange

Box of 10

  • $69.99 CAD

2-Piece Systems. A 2-Piece system is one in which the wafer and pouch are separate and must be connected
together by the ostomate. There are several different types of wafers and pouches available. Wafers can have a flexible tape collar or they can be a solid hydrocolloid. They come in standard wear, extended wear, pre-cut or cut-to-fit as well as flat or convex. Pouches used for a 2-piece system can be drainable or closed for the collection of stool. If a urinary system is indicated there are two types of systems
available for the draining of urine from the pouch‰ۡÌÝÌ_spout or flip flow valve. The advantages of a 2-Piece system are: Allows easy access to stoma for inspection, Reduces time to change pouch, Stoma protected by flange, Ability to use different pouches within the brand.

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