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Hollister 3404 Centerpointlock Stoma Cap Beige Integrated Filter For 4-1/2" Pouch 70mm 2-3/4" Stoma

Box of 25

  • $95.99 CAD

CenterPointLock Stoma Cap offers peace of mind with a highly effective gas filter and maximum discreetness. Manufactured by Hollister, CenterPointLock Stoma Cap has a deodorizing and venting gas filter. The CenterPointLock Stoma Cap offers the ultimate in confidence with an odor-barrier, rustle-free film. Equipped with a four layer odor-barrier, the CenterPointLock Stoma Cap rustle-free film is soft and silent. This Stoma Cap offers security and comfort with a highly absorbent non-adherent inner pad that collects mucous. CenterPointLock Stoma Cap Features: Peace of mind with highly effective gas filter, Maximum discreetness with its deodorizing and venting gas filter, Odor barrier rustle-free pouch, Ultimate in confidence with odor-barrier, Rustle-free film is soft and silent, Four layer odor-barrier, Security and comfort with Stoma Cap's highly absorbent non-adherent inner pad that collects mucous, Mini-pouch design.

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