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Hollister 3702 Centerpointlock Hollihesive Cut-To-Fit With Tape Flange 44mm 1-3/4" Open To 32mm

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  • $53.99 CAD

CenterPointLock Skin Barrier with Floating Flange (HolliHesive) has the CenterPointLock system, floating flange and a tape border. The CenterPointLock system helps prevent accidental separation between the pouch and the ostomy flange. The floating flange is ideal for those who have post operative stoma's or limited dexterity. The tape border adds security to the two-piece skin barrier and ostomy pouch system. Features: A floating flange with a cut to fit skin barrier, CenterPointLock system prevents accidental separation between the pouch and barrier, Hollister's most gentle skin barrier makes it ideal for sensitive skin.

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