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Hollister 97632 Inview Silicon Male External Catheter Extra, Intermediate 1-1/4" (32mm)

Box of 30

  • $90.99 CAD

InView Silicon Male External Catheter. The InView silicone male external catheter is the clear choice. Designed with comfort in mind, it allows for frequent use and comes in a range of styles and sizes to help ensure the proper fit. Features: Soft, breathable silicone is designed to be a non-irritating and can be crimped for a custom fit, Transparent material allows for skin health monitoring while the catheter is in place, Skin-friendly adhesive helps prevent accidental detachment, Available in three styles to help ensure proper fit: Special: Shorter sheath length Standard: Regular length and adhesive for daily wear, Extra: 70% more adhesive than standard for added security, Tapered tip fits most leg or night drainage bag systems, helping ensure a secure connection, Not made with natural rubber latex.

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