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Hollister 506489 Restore Contact Layer Flex Dressing With Triact Technology 6" x 8" (15cm x 20cm)

Box of 10

  • $237.99 CAD

Restore Contact Layer FLEX Dressing with TRIACT Technology. A dressing containing TRIACT lipido-colloid technology which provides a moist wound interface and allows virtually pain-free removal. It also helps avoid trauma to delicate tissue upon removal. Features: Can be shaped to fit contours of deep or irregular wounds, and in difficult anatomical locations, Virtually pain-free dressing removal for enhanced patient comfort, Dressing's gentle tack helps hold dressing in place and minimizes trauma to the wound bed, Forms a gel in the presence of exudate to help maintain a moist wound interface, Can be used on a wide variety of wound types, and in conjunction with NPWT

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