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Invacare IOH200PPC HomeFill Oxygen System Kit, ML6 Conserver Cylinder

Box of 1

  • $3,999.99 CAD

The HomeFill System Kit bundles your favorite HomeFill System options and accessories into one, convenient and easy-to-order kit.

  • Black, nylon bag is discreet, lightweight and washable
  • Lightweight integrated cylinder weighs only 4.1 lb.
  • Pulse settings 1-5 and 2 LPM continuous flow
  • Added convenience of filling oxygen on own time
  • Ready-rack easily attaches to Invacare Perfecto2 Series Concentrator

  • Cylinder Filling Times: 1 hr. 25 min.
    Oxygen: Duration: 6.3 hr. @ pulse setting 2

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