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Laerdal 78000020 Suction Unit

Box of 1

  • $2,817.99 CAD

  • Laerdal’s portable suction unit (LSU) is widely known for its excellent performance and functional design. It allows for safe and effective clearing of the patient’s airway. Rely on a powerful device with long lasting value, when managing emergency situations.

    Despite its robust construction, the LSU is lightweight, portable and easy to operate – even when wearing gloves. It is splash proof and safe to use in combination with defibrillators. Easily disassemble and clean after use.

    The LSU meets all regulatory demands and is trusted by healthcare providers in all corners of the world. You can ensure optimal functionality with the simple device test. Quickly select correct amount of suction with built in LED indicator.

    Key Features

    • One-hand-grip design
    • 3 canister options:
      Bemis Disposable Canister systems (USA only)
      Serres Suction Bag Canister system
      Laerdal Reusable Canister system
    • Easy to convert between the canister systems
    • Does not contain latex
    • Big vacuum regulator dial
    • Suction levels for tracheal suctioning and suctioning of children and infants marked in light blue
    • LED display for use day or night
    • TEST - Device Diagnostics program
    • Approximate noise levels at 80 mmHg of 48 dBA and 500+ mmHg of 56 dBA (free air flow)
    • No-tools-necessary field changeable battery
    • Rechargeable Battery, NiMH, 12 VDC 2 Ah
    • External Battery Charger
    • 12V DC Power-cord for connection to vehicle connection
    • 5 year limited warranty (excluding the canisters, tubing systems and battery)
    • Bemis High efficiency filter kit
    • Bemis HEPA rated bacterial filter with filter efficiency of 99.97% down to 0.3μm
    • Serres filter filters aerosols down to 0.4μm
    • LSU Reusable aerosol filter filters aerosols down to 0.3μm

  • With Reusable Canister

    Measurements: 18.89" x 16.14" x 9.05" / 47.98cm x 41cm x 22.99cm

    Weight: 12.02lbs


    With Serres Suction Bag Canister

    Measurements: 18.89" x 16.14" x 9.05" / 47.98cm x 41cm x 22.99cm

    Weight: 13.23lbs

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