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Molnlycke 281300 Mepilex Border Lite Adherent Foam Dressing With Safetac 10cm x 10cm

Box of 5

  • $34.99 CAD

Thin all-in-one foam dressing for diabetic foot ulcers and other acute and chronic wounds. Mepilex Border Lite is a thin all-in-one foam dressing with Safetac technology designed to create an optimal healing environment for low exuding acute or chronic wounds such as diabetic wounds or post operative wounds. Mepilex Border Lite with Safetac technology minimizes patient pain and wound or skin damage at dressing changes. Safetac technology minimizes pain and trauma at dressing changes. Thin and conformable to dress wounds on feet and toes, hands and fingers. Very thin and discrete to allow patients to live a normal life. Shower proof with a film backing providing a barrier to virus and bacteria (of size >25nm).

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