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Nellcor PM10N Pulse Oxymeter - Owl Medical Supplies

Nellcor PM10N Pulse Oxymeter

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  • $1,617.99 CAD

Overview for Covidien / Medtronic PM10N-NA Nellcor Portable SpO2 Patient Monitoring System

The Nellcor™ Portable SpO2 Patient Monitoring System’s smooth interface will make monitoring SpO2 measurements a pleasant experience for both healthcare professionals and patients. This device allows you to measure the SpO2 which is the oxygen in the blood stream, and the patient’s pulse. The handheld device is ideal for spot-checks and continuous monitoring in both hospital type and homecare settings.

Advanced Technology: Utilizing Nellcor™ Digital Signaling Processing Technology, the reliable Nellcor™ Portable SpO2 Patient Monitoring System delivers accurate SpO2 and pulse rate values. This technology delivers the best results through signal interference, patient motion and low perfusion; allowing healthcare professionals to receive the most accurate results through the most difficult situations. This system offers a monitoring feature set including pleth waveform, blip bar and tabular trend information through compatibility with the entire line of Nellcor™ sensors with OxiMax™ technology.

Features: The monitoring system features several modes including SatSeconds Alarm Management and Sleep Study Mode. SatSeconds Alarm Management allows for customization of alarms to best suit the individual patient’s needs. SatSeconds also reduces the number of false alarms by over 90% without risk to patient safety.  Sleep Study Mode allows for the reduction of the LCD screen and lowering of alarms to provide the most comfortable experience for the patient.

  • Convenient, handheld monitor that is ideal for spot-checks or continuous monitoring in hospital, mobile and home use settings
  • Incorporates Nellcor digital signal processing technology to deliver accurate, reliable SpO2 and pulse rate values even during low perfusion and signal interference, including patient motion
  • Supports a robust data set, including real-time SpO2 and PR values, SatSeconds alarm management, pleth waveform, blip bar and tabular trend data
  • Sleep Study Mode, which enables the clinician to dim the LCD display and silence alarms to prevent disruption of patients’ sleep
  • Compatible with the complete line of Nellcor™ single-patient-use, reusable and specialty sensors with OxiMax™ technology
  • 80 hours of data storage capability
  • Supports wired data export to an external personal computer for data analysis and printing functions
  • Contains:
  • OxiMax Durasensor Direct Connect Sensor for Nellcor – Adults more than 88 lbs. (KENDS100A)
  • OxiMax Direct Multisite Connec Sensor with Adhesive for Nellcor (KENDYS)
  • OxiMax PediCheck Direct Connect Clip for Nellcor – Pediatric 6.6 to 88 lbs. (KENDYSPD)
  • Navy Blue Protective Boot (KENPMAC10NN)