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Salts PPS1 Peri-Prep Sensitive Protective Film Wipes - Owl Medical Supplies

Salts PPS1 Peri-Prep Sensitive Protective Film Wipes

Box of 30

  • $55.99 CAD

Leakage and the trauma caused by the constant changing of a pouch can lead to sore skin. Peri-Prep Sensitive is specifically designed to leave a gentle protective film on the skin immediately around the stoma. If required, Peri-Prep Sensitive can be built up into layers by repeated application to provide a long-lasting barrier, for extra security. Peri-Prep Sensitive is gentle on the skin and provides maximum protection without stinging. Peri-Prep Sensitive?s formulation, developed in conjunction with Aston University, provides a durable, protective barrier when dry, but is pH neutral to be gentle on the skin. The composition contains ̴Ìàstar shaped? polymers that allow greater flexibility of the film and improved pouch adhesion.

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