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Sigvaris 591R400L Textured Donning Ruber Gloves With Super Grip, Large

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  • $30.99 CAD

Application Gloves Super-Grip are manufactured by Sigvaris to aid Compression Therapy patients in donning or doffing Compression Stockings. These Super Grip Application Gloves have textured palms and finger pads to provide added gripping power when grasping or pulling up compression stockings. Not only do these Super Grip Gloves provide application assistance, but they offer shielding from sharp edges like fingernails and jewelry. Available in four sizes, Large, Medium, Small and Extra-Large. Sigvaris Application Gloves Super-Grip help protect and increase the life of your compression stockings. When applying Eversheer and Truly Transparent use the way gloves. When applying all other Sigvaris compression stockings, use the ridged pattern.

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