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Smith & Nephew 5971400 Covrsite Cover Dressing 4" x 4" White, 2" x 2" Pad Size, Non-Adhesive Foam

Box of 10

  • $32.99 CAD

COVRSITE Plus Composite Dressing is a waterproof version of COVRSITE Cover Dressing which is indicated as a primary or secondary dressing in the management of acute or chronic wounds. Benefits: Can also be used as an alternative to tape and gauze over central line dressings. The gentle adhesive is designed so that the dressing can be changed daily. COVRSITE Plus replaces traditional tape and gauze with a single step dressing. It is waterproof, extensible, and conformable. The waterproof film layer covering the dressing helps protect the wound from contamination by urine and feces.

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