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Smith & Nephew 599900412 Exu-Dry Wound Dressing, Size 10cm x 15cm

Box of 10

  • $52.99 CAD

Burn Wound dressing with Anti-Shear Layer. Features and benefits: Unique patented Anti-Shear-Layer may help reduce pain and trauma: Minimizes adherence by reducing friction and shearing. Increases patient comfort. During dressing changes. Between dressing changes.
Wound contact layer may support the healing process: Reduces trauma to epithelial cells when removed. Allows comfortable and convenient monitoring of wound: Allows epithelial migration. Inner absorbent layers hold large amounts of drainage: Dressings need to be changed as oftern-helps save nursing time and costs. Wicks drainage away from wound to reduce maceration and irritation. Absorbs more than gauze or ABD pads: More than 7 times as absorbent as gauze and almost twice as absorbent as ABD pads. Permeable outer layer permits wound to breathe: Soft, pliable, and nonocclusive material allows vapor and moisture exchange.

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