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Urocare 4200 Urinary Drainage Bag Large 64 Fl.oz. (2000ml) Capacity

Box of 1

  • $13.99 CAD

The Urocare Urinary Drainage Bag is made from soft vinyl with a transparent front and white-opaque back. It is graduated from 100 ml. to 2,000 ml. in increments of 100 ml. and for smaller amounts, a second scale is provided from 25 ml. to 100 ml. in 25 ml. increments. Features a double reinforced hanger strap, a T-Valve for quick, easy draining, 50" (127 cm) of pliable clear-vinyl tubing with a graduated nozzle to allow for multiple sized attachments, a breather patch to allow free flow of urine, a bed sheet clip as well as being 100% Latex-Free and needle free.

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