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Urocare 8532 Reusable Latex Urinary Leg Bag, Large-Oval 32 Fl.oz./1000ml - Owl Medical Supplies

Urocare 8532 Reusable Latex Urinary Leg Bag, Large-Oval 32 Fl.oz./1000ml

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  • $123.99 CAD

Urocare is the sole manufacturer of reusable latex leg bags, disposable vinyl leg bags and urinary drainage systems that incorporate the full advantages of our famous, patented high-flow anti-reflux valve (#6001). This remarkable anti-reflux valve is enclosed in a hard plastic housing which prevents the valve from being accidentally held closed when in sitting or reclining positions. The valve is virtually self-cleaning and interference free ensuring fast, uninterrupted flow and problem-free use. Don't settle for urine reflux or back- pressure caused by inferior flutter valves. Nothing beats Urocare's new high-flow Little Red Valve for performance, reliability and safety. We don't give odor a chance! We added a special new odor control barrier to the inside and outside of our latex leg bags for double odor protection. Now you can be assured that odor is a thing of the past. This special odor barrier makes Urocare's leg bags virtually ODOR-FREE, not just odor-resistant; thereby preventing embarrassing odors before they start. The Standard Top Adapter (#6002) has a cone-shaped top with reverse grip which aids in the connection of rubber or vinyl tubing while providing a safe & secure connection. Removing the top adapter from the top valve housing exposes our famous Little Red Valve‰ۡÌÝÌ_see above. A closer look reveals a large opening for quick, easy inspection and cleaning. An improved strap loop design ensures a firm hold and accurate placement. These strap loops are an integral part of the bag, we use no glues or other adhesives which at a later time might allow the loops to separate from the bag. They can't be pulled off without damage to the bag. A durable, seamless, latex body combined with an obstruction-free anti-reflux valve makes Urocare latex leg bags the preferred choice for security and quality. Our Standard Bottom Drain Valve (#6004) is a unique, twist-type valve with a gasket ring that seals the threads of the bottom valve housing and prevents urine from touching the fingers while draining. If desired, pliable, white-rubber tubing may be attached to the lower half of the valve; in addition, there are optional attachments that may be purchased separately and substituted in its place. For additional information on these attachments see Quick-Drain Valves, Straight-Thru Adaptor with Thumb Clamp or Replacement Adaptors and Drain Valves.

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