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Urocare 6382 Fabric Leg Bag Holder, Upper Leg, Small Upper Thigh: 21.5" Diameter (54.4cm) Lower Thigh: 17.5" Diameter (44.3cm)

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  • $64.99 CAD

These leg bag holders are a simple and cost effective solution to a prevent contact between the leg bag and the skin. Reducing sweating while allowing the skin to breathe freely. Their unique construction provides a simple method for securing a urine collection bag to the leg without the use of leg straps which are often the cause of circulation restriction in some individuals. Broad elasticated cotton bands have built-in anti-slip technology Combined with a stretchable fabric ensuring your leg bag is securely, but comfortably held in place. A blend of 95% cotton and 5% lycra makes them durable and allows them to be hand or machine washed. Bags can easily be placed into the holder by a Velcro fastener which allows the leg bag to be positioned into the holder from the side. When in place, simply fold over the flap and secure the fastener. It's that simple and easy to get the right fit every time!

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