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Urocare 500330 Uro-Con High-Quality" Latex Sheaths, Medium 30mm

Box of 100

  • $66.99 CAD

Uro-Con "Texas-Style" male external catheters have a thin, latex sheath similar to a condom which is rolled over the head and down shaft of the penis. With the use of a Uro-Con Catheter Insert it is attached to a 4"(10cm) or 2"(5cm) of white, silicone-elastomer tube‰ۡÌÝÌ_where urine is drained from and into a bag or other collection device. Using a "Condom" type sheath makes these catheters fully collapsable" to prevent pooled urine a major cause of skin irritation and break-down. These latex sheaths are tissue thin, but tough. A high-quality", white latex assures a smooth finish, flexibility and a perfect fit.

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