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Urocare 77181 Uro-Safe Disposable Clear/White Vinyl Urinary Leg Bag Medium, 18 Fl.oz. Capacity, Transparent Front/White-Opaque Back, Thumb-Clamp Closure

Box of 1

  • $32.99 CAD

Uro-Safe bags have the first ever, built-in, anti-reflux valve that is virtually self-cleaning and interference free... ensuring uninterrupted flow and problem free use. Because our anti-reflux valve is enclosed in a hard valve housing, it can't be held shut even when in sitting or reclining positions like other inferior products. Why settle for anything less? This product contains no parts made from latex. Uro-Safe vinyl leg bags are for use with Foley indwelling or male external catheters and urostomy drainage. Each Uro-Safe bag is hand-tested for defect through each phase of manufacturing and packaged individually in a sterile, easy, peel-open pouch with two(2) latex-free" leg straps.

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